Creating a safe space for BIPOC and underrepresented individuals in the nomadic community

nomads + vanlifers + land protectors

Welcome To The Community!

Breathe easy, friends. This platform is a place of safety, created to intentionally celebrate and empower road travelers and outdoorists living at the intersections and taking up space in the margins.

show up as your full, authentic self

Our growing community of Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx, and people of color at all intersections, exploded in response to the lack of representation in road travel and outdoor media. Performative inclusivity only creates more barriers to entry. Like Black lives, authenticity matters.

shift the narrative

Diversify Vanlife is a platform that redefines community in the outdoors by celebrating diversity and intersectionality. People from all walks of life deserve to feel seen and heard. We produce curated content, living resources and engaging events for underrepresented peoples whose voices and stories need to be amplified.

The Diversify Vanlife
Road Travel + Outdoor Pledge

“As part of the Community, I pledge to:

Actively work to create inclusive, safe spaces, both outdoor and virtual, for equal-access adventure, exploration, conversation, and community

Speak up against racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, hateful speech and all other forms of injustice

Intentionally listen to and amplify BIPOC and underrepresented voices and leadership

Respect the spaces created by and for BIPOC and other marginalized peoples

Proactively learn about cultures, identities, communities, land, and Indigenous history while unlearning habits and beliefs that perpetuate conflict, violence, and discrimination against marginalized peoples

Commit to minimizing my negative environmental impact

Hold community members and myself accountable to continued growth, learning, and positive action

Exert my road travel presence with respect for: the land, wildlife, communities, other travelers, and my own body and spirit”

Join our vanlife club on clubhouse! โ€‹We host a happy hour every Thursday. Contact us for an invitation to clubhouse!

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