Diversify Vanlife Presents: A BIPOC Guide to Vanlife & The Outdoors


By Noami Grevemberg
A word on the “why” behind putting this guide together.
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Diversify Vanlife Presents: A BIPOC Guide To Vanlife + The Outdoors
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“My Sustainable Vanlife”

by Faren Rajkumar Transitioning from a stationary life to full-time vanlife offered a nearly effortless opportunity to re-consider my consumption habits and waste. I know so many nomads can relate I had to pack my entire life into the small storage compartments of a vehicle, while still allocating space for my partner and a lot […]

How to find authentic experiences and build connections on the road

By Vanna Mae When you’re on the road, it’s probably on your bucket list to have authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences. Something you can cherish and remember for years to come.  How to find those one-of-a-kind experiences can start by simply doing something off the beaten path.  Like exploring a small farmers market with delicious food, that […]

How to boost your mental health by connecting with the outdoors

By Judith Sadora, M.A, LMFT As an Afro-Haitian American Queer women who has been on the journey back to Self in intentional ways for about ten years now,  I could go as far to say my journey started before I entered this world. Through my own healing in nature, journey in becoming a mental health […]

A BIPOC Nomad’s Guide to Voting from the Road

By Lilibeth Castanedo As a first generation Cuban American artist from Miami, Florida I have grown up in a whirlwind of passion and politics. Miami is a special place where the caribbean kisses the south and dances in a toxic exchange of ecstatic culture and backwards political agendas. My Cuban heritage teaches me that through […]

Bay Area, California

By Luu Phan & Alex Ortiz Learn about this vibrant city area where Luu and Alex, full-time vanlifers, spend most of their time! Land Acknowledgement We are on occupied Ohlone Land. The Ohlone Tribe comprises nearly 50 different indigenous groups within the area that have lived on and cared for this land for thousands of […]

Wind Wolves Preserve

By Natasha Van Horne  Southern California’s got all sorts of well-known parks and spots to enjoy the great outdoors, but I’m excited to share with you a hidden gem, a bit off the beaten path. This little-known spot in Kern County, CA is the largest non-profit nature preserve in Southern California and at 95,000 acres, […]

Asheville Area Guide

By Erin McGrady My wife and I spend about half the year traveling in our small camper van — but homebase is Asheville, North Carolina. Our small mountain town has a little bit of everything, so it’s a destination for everyone — from the Biltmore visitor, to the hiker/biker, to the craft beer connoisseur. (At […]

“Essential Apps”

By Ola Kalejaye Most digital nomads have a couple apps in their toolkit to help with the day-to-day tasks that come naturally with life on the road. Here are a couple of our favorites! Campendium *Campendium is an official sponsor of the BIPOC Guide Campendium has tens of thousands of camping spots from National Parks […]

“On-the-road Essentials”
By Luu Phan and Alex Ortiz

Here’s an assortment of essential know-how we’ve gathered over our time living in our van! Essential Know-How 1.) Water is Life. Living in a van will quickly teach you how important access to water truly is. Unlike a traditional home where it can feel like there is an endless supply of water, in van life […]

“Solar for Vanlife 101”

 By Mohit Kaura Intro to Solar Power On-board electricity is one of the most essential components of vanlife. While there are several ways to keep your on-board batteries charged, solar charging is the most versatile and eco-friendly option. Unlike the shore power plug-in option, you could be off-grid in the middle of nowhere and still […]