Diversify Vanlife Presents: A BIPOC Guide to Vanlife & The Outdoors


By Noami Grevemberg
A word on the “why” behind putting this guide together.
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Diversify Vanlife Presents: A BIPOC Guide To Vanlife + The Outdoors
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“Sourcing Your Outdoor Gear Arsenal”

 By Marisa Edmonton Growing up in a small town in Western Colorado, I always considered myself a very outdoorsy person. My childhood is filled with memories of camping, hiking, skiing and floating my way around the valley I called home. My parents, who are both mostly self-taught in all their respective outdoor activities, instilled in […]

Go Power! makes it a priority to be ambassadors of inclusivity within the RV/Van Life space.

“Boondocking: A How-To Guide” is sponsored by GoPower!  It is a part of their mission to offer representation and a safe place for the BIPOC community to share their off-grid stories and adventures. What better way to help spread awareness of that mission and encourage BIPOC engagement than through the support of Diversify Vanlife and […]

A Free and Private Way to #Vanlife

By Meghan and Matt Matt and I started our vanlife journey from Connecticut after a six month van build. Coming from the East coast, boondocking isn’t really much of an option in the wilderness – mainly because so much of the land is developed. We got to camp out at a state forest in PA […]

Overcoming those Challenges of Parking on BLM

By Shanice Sol The first time I boondocked was at Frenchmen Coulee, over in Vantage, Washington. I had never been to that location nor been camping at that point. So, a friend – who goes often to climb there – and I went, so that I had someone who had experience with me. It was […]

Boondocking my way through the States

By Navod My name is Navod the Nomad, and I am a 28 year old vanlifer traveling the country in my self-converted 2018 Ford Transit Hi Roof. I’ve been on the road now for a year and a half now on a nearly full time basis, with the goal of visiting all 50 states. My […]

The True Freedom of Boondocking

By Rocio and Gabe Rivero We started van-life in the summer of 2020, as the pandemic was in full swing. We had already been fulltime RVers for two and a half years, but we were stationary in our fifth-wheel for a long time at that point.  With no place to really go on weekends during […]

Boondocking: A How-To Guide

Sponsored by GoPower! (Find their message of support at the bottom of this Guide.) Self-Sufficiency and Privacy By Kartk and Sim  We are Kartik, Sim and Everest, a couple of Indians from Toronto, Canada. We started our vanlife journey in Toronto, Canada and started making our way down south towards Patagonia in August 2020. Our journey […]

Intro to Hiking & Camping

By Kimberly Lajoi There is something special about being immersed in nature. Something physically, mentally, and emotionally rewarding about hiking to the top of a mountain. Or drinking water straight from a natural source. The air is cleaner. The views are better. It’s something spiritual. To those who have had little exposure to the outdoors […]

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Climbing

By Lisa Jennings “In diversity, there is beauty and there is strength” -I forget but it’s damn good. Disclaimer: I don’t have the answers; this is just how I’ve learned to contemplate, navigate, explore, gain strength, stumble, heal, cry, and laugh in climbing and other outdoor spaces.  Climbing is a feeling. It’s this innate and primal pull […]

Lessons learned from traveling cross country with our little girl

By Angelee S We knew from the moment Imani was conceived, that we wanted to pass on our love for nature to our daughter. Our pregnancy announcement was at Rocky Mountain National Park. Our maternity photos were taken at Joshua Tree National Park. Her nursery is nature themed. We couldn’t wait to take on the […]