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9 Nomad Safety Tips for Travel During Inauguration Week

Written by Bree Contreras Inauguration week is upon us, and after the way the first week of 2021 played out, a lot of folks are rightfully nervous about what this week will hold or what any of it might mean for our country, our democracy, and our safety. For many of us living life on


A Vanlifer’s Guide to Digital Nomadism

2020 was the year of the pandemic, 2021 will be the year of the digital nomad. In this guide, Dustin & Noami Grevemberg of Irie to Aurora shares some tips and advice on how to become an overland digital nomad.

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2020 Educational Resources from the Diversify Vanife team

Has there ever been a year that has gone by as slowly as 2020? Along with all chaos, violence, and fear that this year brought, we were reminded that yes, we could reflect on the people we want to be moving forward and find ways to take steps towards that version of ourselves. That even


How to Survive Vanlife Without a Fridge

There is no starter kit for vanlife. It does not come with $500 blenders or fancy chest-style refrigerators. The owner decides what to include in their build based on their needs. This post is dedicated to those who may not have a fridge in their van and all that decision may entail.


Requiem For A Starter Van

Rachel and Ola reminisce about their first van Bertie. The van that started their nomadic journey and has helped to shape them into the people they are today. The two share how Bertie has influenced their next build and their plans for the future.


11 Vanlife Gift Ideas from BIPOC-Owned Businesses

It’s the holidays once again, and to be honest, this part of 2020 felt like it would never arrive. But here we are, ready for another vanlife Christmas. Albeit, a much different looking one from years past. This year, rather than van gatherings and fellowship with family and friends, we’ll be staying local and isolating. But that doesn’t mean we can’t spread some joy in the form of gift giving. So if you’ve got a vanlifer, road traveler, digital nomad, or aspiring minimalist on your Christmas list, let us help you find something they’ll actually want taking up space in their rig. And what’s better than getting your loved one a gift they’ll actually love? Supporting BIPOC-owned businesses in the process. So check out our curated list of vanlife gift ideas from BIPOC-owned businesses.


HYGGE Community Care

In a society that relies heavily on essential workers, all forms of self-care and alternative healing practices need to become more accessible to people in lower-income communities, if we are to sustain and thrive together. Now is the time to learn from one another’s methods, so that we may grow into a more holistic, wise, and empowered species.


Top Mechanics’ Tips for Vanlife in the Winter

For those of us who live and travel in our vehicles, it’s critical to know how to care for them through the freezing temps and extreme winter weather conditions, in order to keep them running and in great shape for years to come! Read on for important tips to keep your rig going strong through this season.


10 Nomad Owned Businesses to Support this Holiday Season

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that investing in our community and supporting local artists and creators, especially those from marginalized groups, is more important than ever. Check out this guide of 10 Nomad Owned shops and craftspeople this holiday season!


Wildlife Conservation Day: A Critical Reflection

If we look closely, land and wildlife conservation is really just white saviorship and imperialism in disguise. Our current models have one thing in common: they are unpeopled. These models, created by white men and perpetuated through conservation, depend on the division between people and nature. In doing so, they police and erase other ways of knowing. We need a radical shift in this system.

vanlife in winter

Vanlife Winter Hacks: How to Stay Warm In Your Van

We’ve all seen the beautiful vanlife shots of people living on the beach. But what about those of us who want to galavant around during the colder temps? Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to stay warm in a rig for a variety of different price points!


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