Diversify Vanlife Presents: A BIPOC Guide to Vanlife & The Outdoors


By Noami Grevemberg
A word on the “why” behind putting this guide together.
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Diversify Vanlife Presents: A BIPOC Guide To Vanlife + The Outdoors
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Van Build Top Tips

by Vaughn Dabney, Candyss Love and Noami Grevemberg Enjoy this assortment of budget-friendly top tips covering some FAQs about buying and building a rig! Getting Started Choosing a Rig The Perks of a DIY Build DIY Layouts Electrical Insulation Tips On Insurance Refrigeration Bathroom   We hope you found these tips helpful! If you have […]

An Overview of How to Source and Build your Van!

Choosing The Right Van Before you get started on this wild ride, it is essential to choose the right van that fits your needs and wants, and figure out whether your priorities are lots of space, a low budget setup, weekend camping and/or full-time stealth camping in cities. Before You Buy Your Van Some factors […]

5 Things To Think About Before Buying The RV, Van or Rig of Your Dreams!

When it comes to buying the rig of your dreams, it’s easy to get caught up in the dream of your rig and ideal future situation, and make impulsive decisions. I can attest to this based on my own personal experience of purchasing my first rig. When I bought my camper van a few years ago, […]