Diversify Vanlife Presents: A BIPOC Guide to Vanlife & The Outdoors


By Noami Grevemberg
A word on the “why” behind putting this guide together.
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Diversify Vanlife Presents: A BIPOC Guide To Vanlife + The Outdoors
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The Power of Your Words: Using Respectful Land-Related Terminology

By Wynnē Weddell & Faren Rajkumar Travelers are often called to put our experiences into words, whether we blog about it, post on social media, maintain a website, or create videos. Sharing stories of our adventures is how we can honor memories and celebrate this beautiful, chosen life of wandering and exploration. It’s worth contemplating […]

Decolonize National Parks

By Wynnē Weddell Before diving into our National Park Guides and Area Guides, we strongly encourage you to read this perspective from DV team member Wynne Weddell on the legacy of the National Park System and how the dire need to decolonize the parks starts with reframing our understanding of them on the individual level. […]

Beyond Land Acknowledgements

By Wynnē Weddell & Faren Rajkumar Resources and Tools to Increase Your Understanding of the Land When we verbalize or write the original Indigenous names of the lands beneath our wheels or feet, we are attempting to access and empathize with the generational trauma & grief felt by Native communities for centuries. We are momentarily […]