Authors: Faren Rajkumar @faren_wanderer

This adventurous and fun-loving pair navigates the challenges of traveling as an interethnic couple and maintaining cultural pride while on the road. Follow Uryan and Rachel’s journey @adventureinthemundane

1. How did you discover #RVlife together?

 “We found accounts on Instagram of Tiny Home dwellers and became very interested in the movement. Our housing became insecure during covid because Rachel lost her part time jobs. So we bought the travel trailer and began fixing it up so that we would have a home! After living stationary for a year, we started traveling in June 2021.”

2. How do you feel about the movement to increase diverse representation in the outdoors?

” We love it! The outdoors are for all people!”

3. What does community mean to you? 

“It means being in a space where you can be 100% yourself without fear of needing to filter

Community means a lot to us. It is a group of people who can encourage and support one another, and have hard conversations no matter the distance. “

4. What are some challenges you face as an interethnic couple living on the road full-time?

“Family expectations differ. Though we see so many great road life families, we differ in our views on growing our family while we live on the road. The expectations on us from our extended families are also different. Certain family members are very supportive of our journey and others truly don’t understand what we are doing.”

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Uryan and Rachel living their best lives.

5. Tell us about your rig and any special features you built!

 “Our rig is a 2008 Pacific Coachworks 30’ travel trailer. We bought it pre-owned from a Latinx couple who had traveled all over North America with it. 

We did lots of renovations, including removing overhead cabinets, building a window seat and storage compartment, painting the interior, replacing the couch, fixing water damage, adding light fixtures, changing out the window treatments, installing new locks, and resealing the windows. Lots of DIYs!”

6. How do you practice joy, individually and as a couple?

“As a couple: We try to practice verbal affirmations with one another daily and work on being grateful for each contribution the other makes to the relationship. In the evenings, we like to play games with one another or process through the events of the day to reconnect. 

Individually: Uryan plays his trumpet and sings as he works. In general, he is a very joyful person

Rachel likes to walk in the outdoors and take photos of the beauty she sees around herself.”

7. What are your top three tips for couples hoping to get into nomadic living?

“1) Be patient with one another. Things can get stressful

2) Create safe spaces where you can talk about all your hopes and fears about joining this lifestyle. Put everything on the table. Don’t leave room for misunderstandings

3) You need a support system. Make friends with people who understand what you hope to contribute to the nomadic community.”

8. How do you stay connected to cultural roots as you travel?

“Food!! Uryan is an amazing cook and keeps his cultural roots alive through making Filipino food for us. And to share with others. We also like to practice speaking in Turkish with one another. Rachel has fun teaching Uryan new phrases on long drive days”

9. What message(s) do you want to share via your stories + content online?

“We want to celebrate diversity! Multi-culturalism is a beautiful thing, something to honor and not despise. We often have misunderstandings due to our different cultural backgrounds. But those are moments to lean in and learn more from one another, instead of reject each other. As the divisions in the world become more apparent, we want to be peacemakers and help bridge cultural differences. And shed light on the beauty that can be found in the mundane moments of life, if you are willing to look for them!”

More powerful & wise words, inspiring photos can be found on their IG @adventureinthemundane