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Community Feature: Nat and Abi @vanlifepride

Nat and Abi @letsplayrideandseek are a married couple originally from Charleston, SC, USA. In 2019 they began their vanlife journey in their self-converted van that they lovingly named ToWanda. Many vanlifers can understand their story, which is one of the many reasons these two are so relatable. “The daily grind of working 40-50 hours a

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She’s got grit! Community Feature: Taylor & Trevor

Authors: Faren Rajkumar @faren_wanderer ; Taylor Jefferson @ayy_tay_tay ; Trevor Lately @trevorlately Introducing a fierce and visionary BIPOC climber & filmmaker duo, Taylor Jefferson (@ayy_tay_tay) and Trevor Lately (@trevorlately). They collaborated on a new short film titled “Grit” – documenting Taylor’s climbing journey and the BIPOC female experience in the climbing & outdoor adventure sphere.

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Community Feature: Toyin Ajayi

Written by Faren Rajkumar Introducing Toyin Ajayi @YourLifeAfter25, founder of the new app: Outdoorsy Black Women! The app launched in May 2021, and promises to be a welcoming, inspiring, and fun space for Black Women to learn, meet up, explore possibilities, and be safe. “I’ve always been an outdoorsy person, as a kid, I would

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Community Feature: Levy Shultz

Written by Faren Rajkumar . My name is Levy Shultz (@levydshultz on Instagram.) I am a 29-year-old Navy Veteran that loves to travel and see the beautiful things of the world. I have always valued time and the people around me over money. I strongly believe that you can always make more money, but you

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