Diversify Vanlife Presents: A BIPOC Guide to Vanlife & The Outdoors

By Noami Grevemberg

Greetings DV family!

After months of work from our team and amazing contributors from our community, I’m absolutely thrilled that our BIPOC Guide to Vanlife & The Outdoors is finally ready for the world!

Right from the inception of Diversify Vanlife, creating an all-encompassing resource for BIPOC road travelers has been one of my primary goals. I’ve had such an incredible range of experiences over my past five years on the road, but transitioning into this lifestyle when I did proved to be challenging in so many ways. Having a resource such as this, with individuals, voices, and stories that I can relate to, would have made my entry into vanlife far less daunting and lonely. Now, thanks to the amazing DV team and community, we’ve been able to produce the resource we all wish we’d had when we started.

Ultimately, our mission at DV is to shrink the diversity gap in the road travel community by not only increasing representation of BIPOC and other historically marginalized communities in the space, but also by providing practical and accessible resources to help people who live or want to live this lifestyle.

It should go without saying that the amazing array of individuals who make up this community are our greatest resource. By bringing together our unique voices, stories, and experiences, and utilizing our social capital to spread awareness, we can affect change and make this community more inclusive, and this lifestyle more attainable.

This free guide is one big step towards fulfilling that goal — and it’s just the start. We’re excited to see it grow and evolve over time, bringing in more perspectives, experiences and knowledge from our amazing community. We hope you find it to be an invaluable resource on your road travel journey!

See you down the road,
Noami Grevemberg, Founder

Special Thanks:

Rachel Severein | Editor, Brand Liaison, Contributor Co-Ordinator, Marketing

Ola Kalejaye | Editor, Contributor

Faren Rajkumar | Marketing, Social Media Manager, Contributor

Sarah Bleiweiss | Web Design

Mohit Kaura | Web Editor

Contributors: Toyin Ajayi, Vanessa Chavarriaga, Vaugn Dabney, Kerman Delaiso, Alina Drufovka, Kimberly Lajoi, Lovell A. Lee Jr., Candyss Love, Alex Ortiz, Luu Phaan, Natasha Van Horne, Toya 

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