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The team at Diversify Vanlife always strives to make our resources accessible and available to everyone in our community. Which is why all of the content on our website is 100% free and we want to keep it that way!

Who are you supporting?

Donations and support received by our community are allocated towards several key areas that help us achieve our mission of creating a more inclusive and equitable outdoors for all. These areas include content creation, resource development, event planning, and community outreach.

Funds are used to produce curated, BIPOC-centered content that amplifies the voices and stories of underrepresented individuals in the context of outdoor activities and vanlife. Your support also helps us develop and provide living resources that aid in education, nature reconnection, and personal fulfillment.

In addition, donations are used to plan engaging events that foster genuine connections among community members and provide opportunities for learning, growth, and outdoor exploration.

Your support helps us reach out to underrepresented communities and connect with individuals who may not have had access to these resources before.

We take great care in ensuring that donations and support are used in the most effective and impactful ways possible, and we are committed to transparency and accountability in all of our operations. Thank you for considering a contribution to our community and supporting our mission to create a more inclusive and equitable outdoors for all!

When you donate to Diversify Vanlife, you are helping to support a growing community of BIPOC road travelers and nomads.

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