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with host Noami Grevemberg

Episode 4 – Creative Black Resistance

What was it like to travel in an era where there were little “Black Wall Streets” all over the U.S. in the midst of dangerous Jim Crow laws? Alvin Hall, award-winning television and radio broadcaster, best-selling author, and renowned financial educator, transports us into that historic realm. His podcast, Driving the Green Book, guides listeners along his road trip with Janee Wood Weber to the historically Black towns and destinations featured in the Negro Motorist’s Green Book, published from 1936-1967. Hosts Noami and Anaïs explore the nuances of navigating life on the road during a pandemic, holding solidarity with the Asian-American community and how the Green Book paved the way for Diversify Vanlife to become a living resource for nomads of color.

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Alvin Hall is an award-winning television and radio broadcaster, best-selling author, and renowned financial educator. His work in radio includes The Green Book (BBC Radio 4), “Alvin Hall Goes Back to School” (The Takeaway, PRI with WNYC), and Who Sold the Soul? (BBC Radio 4). The former host of such BBC series as Your Money or Your Life and Alvin’s Guide to Good Business, he has authored a number of best sellers, including You and Your Money: It’s More than Just the Numbers, as well as the children’s book Show Me the Money. Currently, he is completing the companion book for his Driving the Green Book podcast series and writing a memoir of his childhood in the Florida Panhandle. Hall is Trustee Emeritus of Bowdoin College, from which he received the 2019 Alumni Service Award. He currently serves on the Bowdoin College Museum of Art Advisory Council, The Studio Museum in Harlem’s Acquisition Committee, and is the Co-Chair for MoMA’s Friends of Education.

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  1. What do you want to see change to make the vanlife lifestyle more inclusive, safer and more equitable for BIPOC?
  2. How can we as BIPOC ensure that we are not carrying internalized white supremacy into spaces where there are no white people?
  3. How do you respond when your experience has been denied or gaslit?
  4. Explore how the following words relate to your experience with activism: refusal, resistance and creativity.

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🎵 S1E4 NATI 📻 — Alvin🎵 


Book— The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson

Art Exhibit— Jacob Lawrence: The Great Migration series


Yuri & Malcolm
The Green Book (BBC Radio 4)” referenced 
They will brainwash you, then give you free will so that you can choose wrong.

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