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with host Noami Grevemberg

Episode 5 – Home vs Homeostasis

Raena Rice is a U.S. based flight attendant and the creator of stationary brand IAL365. Her high vibrational rituals and intentions are fused in with her creative work as well as cabin crew work. Raena and Anaïs discuss the trials of attending the airways, protecting safe & inclusive spaces, and finding a homelife balance within a nomadic profession. Noami leads us into the episode with some important notes on getting back on the road during a pandemic and our shared responsibilities as road travelers.

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Raena Rice is a U.S. based flight attendant and the creator of stationary brand IAL365. Her planners and coloring books are made with diversity in mind, including travel lovers from all walks of life. Each planner is prefaced with resources for mental health and manifestation best practices, and each coloring book features intersectional characters with unique stories.

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  1. What spaces have you been held responsible to protect and how have you kept them safe?
  2. What is your relationship to assertiveness?
  3. How has being a nomad changed your perspective of taking the lead?
  4. What emotions are surfacing as states and countries begin to fully reopen?

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🎵 S1E5 NATI 📻 — Raena🎵 


IAL365 Stationary— Fly safe. Vibe High.

Book — Stars in the Sky: Stories of the First African-American Flight Attendants

USA TODAY — #VanLife takes off during COVID-19 as Americans Convert Vans for a Life on the Road


“Martin Luther King said he felt like a human being in Jamaica.”
Jamaica Observer Article — In Jamaica, I feel like a Human Being
Jamaica Observer Article — Dr Martin Luther King Jr affected by Jamaican visit

“Hopefully, the borders will open soon.”
VICE Article — Canada-US Border Not Opening Anytime Soon

Mexperience Article — Mexico-US Land Border Restrictions Continue Until at Least April 21st
“Those girls used to stay with us in the hotel in Paris.”NPR Article — Ethiopian Officials Say Faulty Boeing Software Played Role In Deadly 737 Max Crash

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