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Diversify Vanlife hosts a variety of events to benefit the nomadic community. Virtual workshops to help you get on the road, and navigate a nomadic lifestyle. Gatherings and connection events that are open to and accepting of all road travelers. 

See you in 2021! There are no upcoming events scheduled, but there will be soon.

commit to authenticity
acknowledge + respect the landscape
prioritize mental + emotional wellbeing
center community care
advocate for inclusivity
sovereignty + sustainability
learn and unlearn

Past Events

Thank you for prioritizing wellbeing and centering community care!

va build on a budget event flyer

Van Build on a Budget:
Hit the Road Without
Breaking Your Bank


September 16, 2020


You don’t need to drop tens of thousands of dollars to hit the road. Anyone who tells you the “average” cost of a van-build is $15,000 is lying to you! We’re so over hearing this classist rhetoric: that vanlife has to be an expensive endeavor! Do you want to hit the road without breaking your bank? Then JOIN US!

September 16th at 5pm PST, Diversify Vanlife will host a virtual workshop: VAN-BUILD ON A BUDGET. This workshop is FREE thanks to our good friends at LifeStraw! We are inviting all of you to join us, ESPECIALLY if you are itching to hit the road but your bank account is holding you back!

Our resident van-build experts @tinyhometruck, @whereis_brittany and @gnomad_home will be on hand to answer an array of questions and share their wisdom on how *YOU* can hit the road, at a budget you are comfortable with!

What we’ll cover:

  • Where and how to find the perfect rig for you and how to negotiate to a price that fits your budget
  • Deciding whether or not you should build a van or buy one already built-out
  • Learn what aspects of a van-build you can DIY vs purchasing pre-fab
  • A variety of van-build topics from electrical to insulation, refrigeration to ventilation, and more — sharing different items at different price points to help give you a better understanding of what you may want/need with your rig and how much it may cost

Van Build on a Budget – A Diversify Vanlife Resource

femme and non-binary empowerment retreat flyer

Femme + Non-Binary
Empowerment Retreat:
We Need A Break!

August 10, 2020



Join us Monday, August 10th at 5pm PDT for a “Femme, Non-binary Empowerment Retreat” with Diversify Vanlife x Vanlife Pride. A FREE virtual event; created for us, by us!

With COVID and the uprising, 2020 has been chaotic. 

At this retreat, we come together to recenter ourselves through guided meditation and deep engagement. This will be a safe communal space to share community building tools, self-care rituals and best safety practices for femme life on the road. 

This free virtual event is hosted by @diversify.vanlife in collaboration with @vanlifepride, sponsored by @lifestraw. Pre-register via the Zoom link in bio.

The femme and non-binary experience is nuanced and can be complicated especially for solo womxn and non-binary people on the road. Constantly, we’re asked femme-specific questions about vanlife and the outdoors:

  • “How do I support other femmes on the road?”
  • “What do I do if my safety feels compromised?”
  • “What does self-care even look like these days??
  • …and MORE!

Together, we will deep dive into these questions with a curated panel of femmes and non-binary people that speak to our unique experiences.

This is our space to exhale together. This is our space to learn from one another. This is our space to connect. We hope to see you there!

Small steps for big impact flyer

Small Steps for Big Impact:
Getting Real About
Racism on the Road

July 13, 2020


Join us next Monday, July 13th at 5pm PDT for this workshop.

“Small Steps for Big Impact: Getting Real About Racism on the Road” – Facilitated by @denishaspeaks.
In this workshop we will illuminate the ways racial bias and racism impact us all and discuss ways vanlifers can disrupt harmful norms and elevate authentic inclusion in their daily lives.
This free virtual event is hosted by @diversify.vanlife in collaboration with @lifestraw. Pre-register via Zoom Link in Bio. We hope to see you there.
Denisha “Neena” Jenkins is an Equity and Inclusion Consultant, Speaker & Anti-Racism Educator based in Austin, Texas. For the last 13 years, she has been dismantling oppressive systems and elevating justice in the private and public sector.

She is an avid traveler and entrepreneur that leverages her interdisciplinary training and lived experiences to help people unlearn and disrupt the bias that hinder authentic inclusion. Denisha is on a mission to restore humanity – one leader, one community, and one encounter at a time.

Small Steps for Big Impact – A Diversify Vanlife Resource

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