Making Black History Now: Celebrating Black Vanlifers, Travelers, and Adventurers on the Road

Written by: Noami GrevembergSponsored by Go Power! Solar My vanlife journey started in New Orleans in 2016. It was an old dream that got lost in the grind of corporate culture after college. Pre-vanlife I worked as a coastal biologist. As a Black-identifying queer woman in the field of science in the deep south, I […]

Community Feature: Roo And Ashley

July 28, 2022 Authors: Faren Rajkumar @faren_wanderer ; Roo & Ashley love spending as much time as they can outdoors. Part-time van lifers with their home base in Golden, CO. you can catch them hiking, mountain biking, chilling at the park, or paddle boarding any day of the week. 1. Tell us about your vanlife […]

Community Feature: Taku And Jocelyn

July 28, 2022 Authors: Faren Rajkumar @faren_wanderer ; Dreaming about one day having a homestead where they can live off solar, rainwater, what we grow, and whatever they can fish and forage for, Taku & Jocelyn, are an adeventurous couple who live part-time in a van. They make YouTube videos as our full-time job, love […]