Go Power! makes it a priority to be ambassadors of inclusivity within the RV/Van Life space.

“Boondocking: A How-To Guide” is sponsored by GoPower!

 It is a part of their mission to offer representation and a safe place for the BIPOC community to share their off-grid stories and adventures. What better way to help spread awareness of that mission and encourage BIPOC engagement than through the support of Diversify Vanlife and the BIPOC Guide to Vanlife & the Outdoors?

From their beginnings as a small Canadian distributor of solar energy products, Go Power! has grown to become one of North America’s leading suppliers of mobile solar solutions.

Now a part of the Dometic family of products, Go Power! provides a full range of high-quality solar chargers, inverters, controllers and power accessories — dependable and cost-effective mobile power solutions for off-grid adventures.

Go Power! likes to explore off the grid, and they know their customers do too. Whether you’re an RV owner searching for the perfect remote campsite or a boater planning that extended cruise, Go Power!  has the perfect mobile power solution for you. 

Since 1996, one of Go Power!’s biggest goals has been to educate and inform people from all walks of life about the benefits of solar. 

They believe that access to education about this sometimes-technical subject shouldn’t just be for those in the industry. When people want to go off the grid, they should be able to understand what they need, how to use it, and why it works for them. By sponsoring this section, Go Power! continues to solidify its pledge to make boondocking knowledge more accessible. 

For more information about boondocking, including how to size your solar charging system, visit

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