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Host Noami Grevemberg and co-host Anaïs Monique dive deep into the stories of fellow road travelers and outdoorists, weaving through the challenges, journeys and inspirations of the diverse voices who, often unheard, make the outdoor community greater. On this show, you’ll hear from BIPOC, LGBTQIA+2S, disabled, and underrepresented travelers at the many crossroads of the modern-day nomadic movement.

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Redefine The Outdoor Community

Recent Episodes

Episode 5 – Home vs Homeostasis

Raena Rice is a U.S. based flight attendant and the creator of stationary brand IAL365. Her high vibrational rituals and intentions are fused in with her creative work as well as cabin crew work. Raena and Anaïs discuss the trials of attending the airways, protecting safe & inclusive spaces, and finding a homelife balance within a nomadic profession. Noami leads us into the episode with some important notes on getting back on the road during a pandemic and our shared responsibilities as road travelers.


Episode 4 – Creative Black Resistance

What was it like to travel in an era where there were little “Black Wall Streets” all over the U.S. in the midst of dangerous Jim Crow laws? Alvin Hall, award-winning television and radio broadcaster, best-selling author, and renowned financial educator, transports us into that historic realm. His podcast, Driving the Green Book, guides listeners along his road trip with Janee Wood Weber to the historically Black towns and destinations featured in the Negro Motorist’s Green Book, published from 1936-1967. Hosts Noami and Anaïs explore the nuances of navigating life on the road during a pandemic, holding solidarity with the Asian-American community and how the Green Book paved the way for Diversify Vanlife to become a living resource for nomads of color.


Episode 3 – Reimagining Environmentalism

Leah Thomas is an intersectional environmental activist on a mission to dismantle systems of oppression in the environmental movement. Her personal platform Green Girl Leah was born out of a space that lacked representation of Black people in the outdoors and spoke to her passion of getting people started on their environmental justice journey. Her quest for self-authenticity, environmental justice and sustainability created the momentum for her educational page, Intersectional Environmentalist, to go viral. In this episode, Leah drops gem after gem: how destigmatizing cannabis use for Black and Brown people relates to the environmental movement; how making our environmental efforts inclusive and intersectional benefits everyone; and how expanding our understanding of Indigenous land protectors makes our environmental impact more effective.


Episode 2 – Normalize Unlearning

Bree (they/them) is a 20-something year old Black Queer non-binary nomad. In 2020, they cut their corporate strings to begin a life centered on having full autonomy of their time and purpose. Hottie, their renovated vintage RV, is now home to Bree and their two giant dogs. Aside from imagining a world without white supremacy, they fill their time with hiking, photography, writing and documenting their journey on the road. In this epsiode, Bree challenges cis-normative views of identity, the discomfort of unlearning, and what it means to be intentional when creating inclusive spaces. Listen till the end to hear their simplistic perspective on how to navigate pronouns like a human being.


Episode 1 – Reclaiming Indigenous Sovereignty

Our first guest on Nomads at the Intersections podcast is Wynnē Weddell, Native American of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. A hiker, nomad, and full-time beadwork artist – Wynnē joins our host, Noami, for this in-person interview on the traditional lands of the Pascua Yaqui and Tohono O’odham in the Southwest. Listen as she shares her story of leaving her homeland to follow her nomadic passions in the forests of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Wynnē also recounts her experience at the Dakota access pipeline, shares stories about her great grandmother as a front-line activist during the American Indian Movement, and how Indigenous peoples must lead the conversation on environmental activism and so much more. Check out our Show Notes for journal prompts that dig deeper into how your story and Wynnē’s experience intersect.


The Pilot

Nomads at the Intersections podcast has arrived! On the Pilot episode of NATI, we get to know our hosts, Noami and Anaïs, as they discuss their respective introductions into the nomadic life, how finding community on the road fulfilled a vital need while unearthing some familiar anxieties, and introduce the concept of intentional inclusivity – and why it needs to be top of mind for everyone looking to build and maintain sustainable, diverse and equitable communities.


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