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The Pilot

Nomads at the Intersections podcast has arrived! On the Pilot episode of NATI, we get to know our hosts, Noami and Anaïs, as they discuss their respective introductions into the nomadic life, how finding community on the road fulfilled a vital need while unearthing some familiar anxieties, and introduce the concept of intentional inclusivity – and why it needs to be top of mind for everyone looking to build and maintain sustainable, diverse and equitable communities.

Nomads at the Intersections

This heavy year has brought hosts Noami Grevemberg and Anaïs Monique incredible growth, with insightful breakthroughs, profound solidarity and an expanding BIPOC nomadic community. This year has also brought us to tears with violence, microaggressions and burn-out.

In our pilot episode, Noami and Anaïs sit down and get real with each other like never before. Noami, a former coastal biologist, and Anaïs, a former flight attendant, explore how nomadism has affected their sense of community.

Throwing it all the way back to Q3 of 2019, they compare notes on how the founding of Diversify Vanlife literally shifted culture and visibility for BIPOC on the road. How the Uprising of 2020 exposed our roles in the Revolution as well as the holes in our self-care routines. They also speak on what it means to travel slowly in a Eurocentric country where capitalistic values are the measure of success.

In this proper introduction, get to know our hosts as they weave through key moments in their journeys: what it looked like to take major risks as Black women and what led them to embracing nomadic life and ultimately, to hosting Nomads at the Intersections podcast.

Find the full episode transcript here: The Pilot Transcript


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Quotes From This Episode

Journaling Prompts— Expand the Conversation

  1. Who makes you feel safe?
  2. How can you show up for people who support you?
  3. How has nomadic life affected your sense of community?
  4. Who are you now versus January 2020?

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