What Are The Rainbow Pages?

“If 2020 was the wave, 2021 is the boat.”

We envision that this growing Rainbow Pages (commonly known as “Yellow Pages”) database of BIPOC and underrepresented creators, entrepreneurs, artists, nomads, leaders, and activists is going to help steer the ship into an era of true inclusivity, change, and progress. 

As a female BIPOC-led team, we are constantly wary of minority individuals being tokenized and memorialized in place of authentic inclusion, representation, and opportunity. We do not condone the exploitation of racial identities under the guise of appeasing a movement or delivering apologies. Instead, we encourage real solutions to racist, sexist, ableist, colorist, and ageist tendencies in business, entertainment, marketing, fashion, art, travel, and more.

The Rainbow Pages are our proactive defense against performative allyship and shallow responses to social & political awakenings of recent years, especially the Black Lives Matter movement.

This continually expanding database of names and contact information is published on our website with permission from its members. You are invited to browse these social media accounts, shop at their stores, become a fan, and reach out with professional inquiries, opportunities for collaboration, and other business-related correspondence. We believe in supporting one another and relying on the BIPOC talent within our growing community. Together, we can create a colorful, accepting, and beautiful world!

If you are a BIPOC creator, entrepreneur, or community member, and you would like to be included in our Rainbow Pages, please email You are welcome and safe here!